About Podsity Bookings

Podsity has been recently acquired by a private company.

Podsity is no longer taking new clients. The company was acquired in February 2024 by a private media company looking to incorporate artificial intelligence-to drive all future bookings and podcast placements.

Craft Your Message

Craft your unique message in order to secure placements on more high quality shows than you can book for yourself.

Podsity helps you develop a message that strongly appeals to both hosts and your audience. With Podsity, you secure placements on additional shows and expand your reach to your desired audience.

Identify Your Audience

Better manage your time and resources by matching you with your ideal audience.

At Podsity, we help you pinpoint the ideal podcasts for you to appear on and specify the reasons behind their suitability. You don’t have to waste time communicating with the wrong audience or being featured on unsuitable shows.

Speak With Confidence

We help clients feel confident and at ease when appearing on podcasts.

A superb podcast interview includes a fusion of artistic and scientific elements. At Podsity, we provide our clients with training on optimal techniques that give our clients the highest likelihood of consistently delivering the best interviews possible.


Your objective is our mission. And it's time to make an impact.

Podsity’s team of professionals guide clients through regular reviews. This approach helps to ensure our clients are achieving their desired results through advanced, effective and strategic guidance.


Maximize your influence with your audience.

Each podcast is as unique as each podcast guest. At Podsity, we help our clients train for each specific interview to ensure they perform as the best interviewee the show has ever had. Our clients are better prepared to make the most significant impact with each distinct audience.


Work with Hosts who hold a favorable view of your brand.

Sending out haphazard pitches can damage your brand. At the very least, your message may be discarded. At worst, your brand may leave a negative impression on the host. At Podsity, we strive to provide the best possible communication with hosts to showcase your brand rather than harm it.